Winter is finally here! And while decorating the house, buying presents and entertaining the in-laws might be your top priorities, your skin should be one of them too.

Winter, in all of its seasonal severity, brews up environmental conditions that drain your skin of moisture and glow. While the harshly cold outdoor weather obviously takes a toll, the atmosphere you’re creating within your home might be damaging to skin as well. As soon as cold weather hits, people retreat to the comfort of their own homes and crank up the heat, which sucks moisture out of the air and dries up skin.

Although winter seems like it’s the worst time of the year for skin, the reality is that every season hold hazards for your skin that you need to be proactive about. Summertime and springtime are hazardous if you’re trying to avoid sun damage or burning. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips for you to use.

While there are many spas in Virginia Beach to choose from, have no fear. Verde Salon and Spa is here to help you win the seasonal war on skin. Here is our comprehensive guide to keeping that timeless glow every single season of the year.

Invest in a Humidifier

Since indoor heating units deplete moisture from your home’s atmosphere, invest in a humidifier to supplement the dead air. Humidifiers, when used correctly, benefit not only your skin, but your overall health. Steam in the shower and a good moisturizer isn’t enough. Keeping the environment around you beneficial to your skin makes a great impact.

Adding a little extra moisture awakens your skin and helps prevent cracking or drying– not to mention, the now balanced air could help curb any respiratory problems you might have, and even reduce snoring.

Use a More Targeted Moisturizer

Whether you bought it online, in a drug store, or a dermatologist prescribed it to you, everyone has a favorite moisturizer. The little known truth, however, is that your moisturizer might not be giving your skin what it needs seasonally. During the summer, you might need a lighter formula with a higher SPF; but that won’t swing in the winter. When the cold weather finally starts to set in, consider swapping your usual moisturizer for one that specifically protects against dryness and harsh conditions.

In the summer, especially if you’re frequently swimming or in the sun, be sure to purchase a moisturizer with SPF and repair agents. Chlorine and salt can dry out your skin and cause premature wrinkles. Always be sure that you’re preparing your skin for summer fun before you leave the house.

Go for a Hot Stone Spa Treatment

During the winter, it’s obvious that we need to take special care of our faces. Your face is ultra sensitive during the winter dry spell of the year, but don’t forget about treatment for the rest of your body! Trudge through the bone-chilling weather to Verde Spa for a relaxing hot stone spa treatment. Your body will thank you.

Being less active during the winter can take a toll on your body’s blood circulation, along with the cold weather adding unneeded tension to your muscles. During a hot stone spa treatment, a massage therapist will line warm stones on various places of your body to ease tension and promote healthy blood circulation.

Nail Down Your Night Routine

Just as it’s important to brush your teeth before going to bed, finding your ideal night routine is a key way to combat the winter skin blues. Night skin routines are crucial to the treatment and maintenance of your face, as it takes the time that you’re sleeping to recover and repair without added environmental stressors from work, the outdoors, your workouts, etc. A solid nighttime routine can add some consistency into your skincare regimen among the changing seasons.

Plus, it gives you a foundation upon which to add seasonal treatments. Instead of randomly doing facemarks or adding a moisturizer, you can take a look at your regular routine and mix and match what you already know works for you.

Vitamin C Treatment

The lack of outdoor activity and sun in general can snatch the glow right off of your face. Luckily, you don’t have to let it. Try adding on a vitamin C treatment your visit with Verde, and we’ll help you get back your glow. Vitamin C treatments lift and tighten your skin for an age-defying, summery complexion.

A vitamin C treatment can be added on to any type of facial or spa treatment here at Verde. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s ultra soothing. Not to mention hat most vitamin C treatments are relatively inexpensive, so it doesn’t cost all that much for skin that’ll look priceless.

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Wash Face Using Lukewarm Water

Exposing your skin too long to the hot sun in the summer or fierce winds in the winter is detrimental, but the same goes for the temperature at which you watch your face. The old myth goes: wash your face with warm water to open the pores, rinse with cool water to close them. This is simply not true. Exposing your skin to extreme water temperatures, just like weather, can cause irritation and even damage.

There are always gimmicks when it comes to skincare, but like many of the topic we cover in this blog, the best solution for your skin is simplicity. Don’t crank the heat up or down; find a nice medium and your face will thank you. When washing your face, make sure to use lukewarm water to not shock your skin. Less is more!

Try a Facial

Facials, like massages or manicures, do a great job of combatting skin issues in general. A licensed specialist will assess your needs in each session, and carefully tailor your session to your specific needs. Especially in the wintertime, estheticians can perform specific treatments to nourish your skin when the winter weather wages war. Starting with a skin assessment, an esthetician will determine what type of moisturization needs to be done. They will then cleanse, exfoliate and treat your skin.

Receiving frequent facials will show lasting improvement over time. If you receive consistent facials during winter, you won’t be in catch-up mode during springtime. in the summer, facials will help prevent skin damage and keep your skin clear and your complexion even. Facials will help your skin be consistently beautiful throughout the four seasons.

Drink Lots of Water

During this time of year, it’s important to hydrate from the inside out. You could use the heaviest moisturizer on the market, but nothing will do the trick to moisturize and clear your face quite like drinking your 8 cups of water a day. Drinking a lot of water every day will cleanse your body of toxins, clearing your skin and promoting healthy levels of oil on your face.

Just like adding a humidifier will change your dry environment, drinking water is like hitting a reset button on your parched skin. Clean skin always comes from within, especially during times when your routine is being tested.

Cover Up

Even if your daily rendez-vous with the outdoors is the walk in the parking lot to and from your car, make sure to bundle up. While this may seem like an obvious solution, too many people leave their skin exposed to the harsh weather. Cover up your face with a scarf, hat or headband to retain moisture in your face and protect your skin.

Also try to cover up in the summer. Use moisturizer with SPF and always make sure to use sunscreen on the rest of your body to prevent sunburn, wrinkles and even skin cancer later on down the line. Although summer might seem like a wonderland for skin with tanning and a healthy pink glow, make sure to put things into perspective and always take care of your skin.

Get A Manicure

Many people experience dry, cracking, and even bleeding hands during the winter; whether it’s eczema or a lack of lotion, excessive dryness on hands is always emboldened by dry, winter weather. Getting a manicure is always a great solution for those suffering from flaky knuckles. While yes, getting a manicure includes getting your nails done, it also includes moisturizing and massaging of the hands.

Nail technicians don’t just make your nails look beautiful. They exfoliate your hands, remove dead skin from your fingers, and make your hands feel brand new. Getting a manicure regularly will show results after a while, especially if you’re open with your nail technician about your dry skin issues.

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All in all, skincare is an evolving treatment of your skin that needs specified care and attention with each season. Always make sure to listen to your skin when it’s acting up, and consult a professional with your skin issues. The staff here at Verde is here to listen to your concerns and help you work through your skin journey all year long. Make an appointment with a caring and passionate professional today.