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In the words of Joan Crawford, “the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent, of course – is her hairdresser.” Here at Verde Aveda Salon Virginia Beach, you’re bound to find a great match. Our staff is highly trained and attends continuous education to better themselves and their craft. They’re eager and well-equipped to understand you and your hair needs, and give you a consistently excellent experience each time you visit.

Aveda Salon Virginia Beach Services

Verde is an Aveda Salon Virginia Beach. By using only Aveda products, we don’t expose you to toxins or carcinogens that hurt you or the environment. Aveda is naturally derived, plant based and environmentally responsible, so you can leave our salon fully confident in the safety of your visit and its contribution to the world.

Our wide and diverse range of women’s hair services includes: hair cutting and styling, different levels of coloring and highlighting, permanent hair straightening or curling treatments, and much more.

Hair cutting

Women’s Haircut

A classic women’s haircut includes a shampoo, cut, and blow dry. You’ll be paired with a stylists who will consult with you to create the exact look you want, or work with you to find a new look.

Starting at $55.00

re coloring

Color Retouch

A simple color retouch includes single color application to all areas of regrowth. Stylists will consult with you, and match the colors for an effortlessly vibrant look. The simple procedure will be rounded out with a shampoo and blow dry to achieve best results.

Starting at $75.00

virgin coloring

Virgin Color

Virgin hair coloring the application of color starting at the scalp and continuing to the end of the hair shaft. Includes a shampoo and blow dry.

Starting at $90.00

Partial highlights

Opt for partial highlights if you’d like to subtly brighten your hair. Using your choice of color, a stylist will apply foils from front of hairline to the crown, with a few foils on each side of temples. Your session will end with a shampoo and blow dry to give you the best possible results. The price for highlighting reflects the use of one color; a fee is charged for each additional color.

Starting at $100.00, does not include toner (add $25.00)

full highlight

Full Highlight

Give your full head of hair some life with a full highlight treatment. A stylist will apply foils from the front of your hairline to the nape of your neck, as well as the entire side quadrants of your head. This will give you more consistently vibrant look. A full highlight treatment also includes a shampoo and blow dry. The price for highlighting reflects the use of one color; a fee is charged for each additional color.

Starting at $125.00, does not include toner (add $25.00)



Whether you’re seen it on Pinterest or in real life, balayage is the new trend that’s blowing up the scene. Balayage is a technique in which color or lightener is “painted on” the hair, giving you a more natural, sun-kissed look. This hair treatment includes shampoo and blow dry. The price for highlighting reflects the use of one color; a fee is charged for each additional color.

Consult a stylist for pricing, does not include toner (add $25.00)



An ombre color treatment will give your hair a gradual change of color going from dark at the top, to light at the bottom. Each ombre is personalized to fit the best color pairings for you. The price for highlighting reflects the use of one color; a fee is charged for each additional color.

Starting at $155.00


Color Correction

Whether it was box dye or another salon, we know that you don’t always get the results you want. That’s why we offer color correction, a service in which color is “fixed” from an undesired result to your ideal hair color.

Consult a stylist for pricing


Deep Conditioning

Come in for a deep conditioning treatment to give your hair the energizing boost that it needs. Each deep conditioning treatment includes a botanical spray with quinoa protein, layered with either a penetrating protein mask or a moisturizing dry remedy mask. Try adding a deep conditioning treatment on to any other hair service for an additional $20.00.

$55.00 by itself, $25.00 to add on to another service

blow dry

Blow Dry and Style

This simple treatment includes a shampoo, followed by a blow dry and style. It’s great for learning simple tips and tricks for hair maintenance, adding on to another Verde salon treatment, or if you just want to pamper yourself.

Starting at $35.00 Flat iron +$20.00

wedding hair

Formal/Bridal Style

Whether it’s a school dance or your wedding day, Verde stylists know how to make your special day that much more special. You’ll not only receive the formal hairstyle of your choosing, but a relaxing experience that will make you feel, calm, collected, and confident on your big day.

Starting at $70.00

brazilian blowout

Brazilian Blowout

We understand the daily hassle with difficult hair, and we’re here to help. A brazilian blowout is a smoothing treatment that loosens or relaxes curls to make them more manageable. Since our stylists are experts, you won’t have to worry about permanent damage to hair.

Starting at $155.00


A tone or glaze is a subtle hair treatment that goes a long way. A stylist will apply a clear or light shade of color to the hair to either add shine, enhance, or tone that lasts for weeks. Add this on to a simple cut or color for an extra layer of glam.

Add on +$30.00


Permanent Wave

Give your hair some texture and body with a permanent wave. A perm is a service in which curl or texture is added to the hair through a chemical texturizing process. Our expert stylists we’ll ensure that your hair is moisturized and protected from permanent damage.

Starting at $105.00

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