Waxing Virginia Beach

Here at Verde, we encourage you to love the skin you’re in; that’s why we offer nine different types of Waxing Virginia Beach services, all performed by licensed professionals using warm wax and wax strips in a sterile environment. Most waxes last about three to six weeks, and are done with speed and care. Waxing services include:

Bikini Wax

If you’re looking to have some fun in the sun but don’t want a full pubic wax treatment, a bikini wax is perfect for you. Bikini Waxing Virginia Beach will remove pesky hair on the upper leg and inner thigh that typical underwear or bathing suit bottoms don’t hide. Our licensed professionals use sterile equipment and techniques to ensure a safe service that lasts you roughly a month.

Starting at $40.00

Brazilian Wax

Want to get rid of all hair down there? A brazilian wax is the way to go. Our licensed waxing professionals are trained to ensure comfort and cleanliness during your treatment. Using sterile equipment and speedy techniques, we’ll get you in and out with results that last. A typical brazilian wax will last roughly a month.

Starting at $65.00

Modified Brazilian Wax

If you like the fresh and clean feeling of a brazilian but don’t want to feel completely bald, go for modified brazilian Waxing Virginia Beach. Our specialists will consult with you to give you a personalized brazilian wax, helping you feel comfortable and confident.

Starting at $50.00

Underarm Wax

Afraid to reach for something on the top shelf? Too insecure to raise your hand for a high five? Eliminate those fears with a quick and clean underarm wax. This wax exfoliates the armpit, preventing irritation and the annoying five o’clock shadow.

Starting at $30.00

Eyebrow Wax

Each set of eyebrows is unique and special; here at Verde, we’re here to help your set reach its full potential. In a sterile environment, our waxing specialists will work with you to create your desired brow by waxing off unwanted hair and plucking for shape. We’re not just helping you follow the eyebrow trend, we’re helping you set it.

Starting at $25.00

Full Face Wax

Knock out all of the problem areas on your face in one blow by opting for a full face wax. Not including brow and nose waxes, a full face wax will clean up and exfoliate on and around your face, including areas like your: lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns, and just below the jawline. It’s a comprehensive treatment for one great price.

Starting at $45.00

Lip Wax

Stop feeling insecure about upper lip hair; let us take care of it with our quick and long-lasting lip waxes. A typical lip wax will take no longer than 15 minutes, and is a better and safer alternative to shaving or at-home waxing.

Starting at $15.00

Chin Wax

Don’t let pesky chin hair take away your glow. Chin waxing is a long-lasting fix for unwanted chin hair, with added benefits of exfoliation and ultimate softness.

Starting at $20.00

Half Leg Wax

Tired of shaving, but don’t need a full leg wax? Half leg Waxing Virginia Beach just might be for you. This wax is perfect for the winter months, or if you frequently wear business attire, where the upper leg is rarely exposed. Results last for weeks, catering to your busy schedule by eliminating the extra ten minutes of shaving in the shower.

Starting at $50.00

Full Leg Wax

Kiss razor cuts and missed spots goodbye! Verde’s full leg wax service is here to give your legs the hairless and silky-smooth look you strive for. This wax is perfect for any person looking to cut down time on shaving. A full leg wax will last about three to six weeks, eliminating stress and razor burns.

Starting at $85.00

Half Arm Wax

Perfect for business attire, a half arm wax will achieve hairless results you can be proud of on your choice of upper or lower arm. This type of wax is great for exfoliating and improving the appearance of your skin in targeted areas.

Starting at $40.00

Full Arm Wax

No one should ever feel the need to hide themselves. That’s why Verde has you covered with full arm waxes. By removing hair from both your upper and lower arm, a full arm wax will help you achieve baby-smooth arms that you can flaunt in any shirt or dress.

Starting at $50.00

Back Wax

Verde’s got your back. Literally. Common for both men and women, back waxing is the most convenient way to eliminate unwanted back hair. Back waxing can also remove dead skin in those hard-to-scrub places. Quit bending over backwards in the shower and let one of our seasoned waxers get you in and out for sleek results.

Starting at $50.00

Chest Wax

Whether you’re an athlete or just want a clean-cut look, chest waxes are the most efficient way to get the frontal smoothness you want. Maintenance can now be a breeze with a wax that will last you up to a month.

Starting at $50.00

Buttocks Wax

The benefits of a buttocks wax are more than just reverting back to your days of baby-butt smoothness. A waxed buttocks can promote better hygiene, along with eliminating hair chafing or pulling. Verde’s buttocks waxes are quick and easy, and will give you a clean and smooth buttocks that’ll have them looking back at it.

Starting at $35.00

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