Professional Makeup Services

The face is the window to the soul. Verde believes that every face is beautiful, and that makeup is an excellent (and fun!) tool for enhancing and celebrating this beauty. Our seasoned Professional Makeup stylists are trained to work with you to create a look that you can take on the world with. Verde makeup application and service packages include:

Basic Makeup Application

Just want to treat yourself? Have one of our highly skilled and creative stylists give you a basic makeup application to level up your salon experience. Using only high-quality and well-trusted Aveda Makeup products, our makeup artists have the tools and the knowledge to enhance your features using the power of makeup.

Starting at $50.00


Whether you’re tying the knot or going to prom, Verde’s stylists have the skills to make you look and feel invincible on your special day. Not only do we use clean products and long-lasting brands to be gentle for a long-lasting coverage, we are eager to work with you to achieve the look you desire.

Starting at $80.00

Brow Tinting

Say bye-bye to your eyebrow pencil! Brow tinting is the process of lightly dying eyebrows to achieve an effortlessly gorgeous look. The treatment is performed by one of Verde’s licensed professionals who will work with you to safely give your eyebrows a color that best fits your hair and skin tone. Results will last for roughly a month. Pair with false eyelashes for only $45.

Starting at $30.00

False Eyelashes

Whether you’re going for Kardashian-style glam or a more effortlessly beautiful look, false eyelashes can step up any makeup application that we offer. Stop traffic with your choice of eyelash strip, which will be applied by our stylists with comfort and ease. The price of service includes eyelash strips. Pair with an eyebrow tint for only $45.

Starting at $30.00

Makeup Lessons

Do a woman’s makeup, and you help her feel gorgeous for a day. Teach a woman to do makeup, and you help her conquer the world. Verde makeup stylists offer lessons to give you practical knowledge of makeup application. Each lesson is personalized for every client, helping you decide what shades, techniques and coverage works best for you.

Starting at $130.00

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