Your face is beautiful. That’s right, I’m talking to you. Whatever your opinion is on your own face, recognize its beauty in that there’s no other face on the planet like it. Maybe your siblings share some of your characteristics, but this careful configuration of eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks belongs to nobody but yourself. It’s your greatest attribute.

That’s why we at Verde Salon take makeup so seriously. When dealing with our clients’ greatest attributes, we don’t want to mess things up. We treat every face similar to how Michelangelo would treat the bust of stone he would then have to chisel into something divine.

Furthermore, some of our clients are seeking makeup and brow tinting for pivotal moments in their lives. Remember prom? It may seem like a hazy blip in your past now, but for 18-year-old high school seniors, prom is like their wedding day. High school is already filled with prime time suffering and anxiety years and it culminates into this one night of lights that you’ll either remember forever, or forget about in adulthood. Perhaps this is why makeup is so important for prom night. If you felt like your greatest attribute was properly accentuated and radiating for all to see, you’ll remember prom night and the glowing confidence that came with it.

Then there’s that of your wedding day. To some, this is the greatest day of their lives and because it will be fully documented with photos and video, makeup and brow tinting plays a massive role in the success of this day. Every angle of your attribute, your good side and your bad, will be photographed, posted on social media, shared on massive family group texts and stored in the infinite cloud for the rest of eternity. Our stylists understand this pressure. That’s why we work with the cleanest and longest lasting brands that will achieve results worthy of a double take.

Here’s a list of services out there that are guaranteed to accentuate your window to the soul on your big day, or just any other day that you feel special.

Girl Makeup


We talked about makeup briefly, but this is a massive universe of applications. There are many brands, some good, some not so good. We never settle for plain, which is why we utilize the trusted tools of Aveda Makeup products.

The makeup process is vast and with many steps, especially if you want to achieve that wedding or prom-ready look. It all starts with moisturizer and ends with a setting spray to keep it all together. The steps in between are long and tedious. Take primer, for example. Primer is a crucial second step in the process immediately after you moisturize and its goal is to create a smooth canvas where the rest of the makeup will land. It’s purpose is also to help the makeup last longer on this canvas and reduces the appearance of those bothersome pores. There’s primer available for lips, eyelids and mascara. Just as with the Renaissance painter’s canvas, primer will help the paint stick to the canvas.

Following the creation of this smooth canvas on your skin, you can now add the foundation. Depending on the Renaissance painting, painters would add a base of fresh paint. Makeup works in a similar fashion. With foundation, you are applying a flesh-colored makeup that will immediately cover blemishes, acne scars and whatever flaws have forsaken you. The result is a uniform skin color that’s consistent.

You can add setting powder, or just skip right to the concealer phase of the process. A concealer is also known as a “color corrector” and it’s utilized for purposes of masking dark circles, age spots, pores, or other blemishes on the skin. In that way, it’s similar to foundation but the difference is that it’s a thicker substance that comes in a variety of different colors to match any kind of skin. They hide the unwanted imperfections by blending them together into the surrounding skin tone, to a point where they are less noticeable and depending on the light and angle, totally erased from existence.

With eyeliner, you’ll be accentuating the most important feature. While the face is the window to the soul, eyeliner are the portals that transport you directly into it.


Eyelashes protect the eyes from dust and bacteria, like their very own shield. In the beauty department, mascara thickens, darkens and curls lashes and can come in liquid, cream or cakey forms. It’s important not to overdue it, however. Balancing mascara and eyeliner is tricky. If too much is applied, you run the risk of looking like a hungover Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now that the portals to the soul have been sharpened, it’s time to take care of the mouthpiece to the soul – your lips. When people look at you, they typically look into your eyes, but the second thing they will look at, within the triangle of your face, is your mouth. With lipstick, liner and gloss, you will add color, tone and texture to your lips. These products usually come in 3 different finishes: 

  1. Matte: This finish is nice and smooth with classic red, pink, crimson and rust “matte” styles. Like the matte exterior of a car, they won’t pick up any light and appear as a flat solid color.
  2. Creamy: This finish will acquire a tad bit more shine than the flat matte style. The creaminess is evident and will give your lips a fuller, tastier texture.
  3. Satin: This finish is all about the shine. With its variety of colors, you’ll find lights reflecting on your lips in a glossy way.
lipgloss lipstick makeup

Finally, your makeover journey is topped off with a setting spray. This nifty concoction is the glue that holds all of the products we just discussed together. Think about all of the substances we discussed and how they have the potential of melting, smearing and transforming your face into a Picasso. Face it: on your wedding day, there will be sweat…especially when you hit the dance floor. Setting spray is a gentle mist that will bond the makeup elements together. And if you’ve reached this final step in the process, it means you are ready for your closeup.

Brow Tinting:

In addition to makeup, our licensed professionals offer brow tinting that will allow you to keep that decaying eyebrow pencil at the bottom of your drawer. With eyebrow tinting, it’s all about finding a color that goes well with the color palate of your skin tone and hair color. The dye applied to your eyebrows will enhance the shape and bring out the youthfulness that was always there.

These quick, 15-minute sessions will have you in and out with fresh eyebrows. During the session, the specialist will place a thin layer of petroleum jelly around your eyebrows. This is to avoid any staining in the area. Next, the dye will be added to your eyebrows and applied in the same direction that the hairs are growing in, followed by another layer moving in the opposite direction. Next, the dye sits and cooks for a few minutes and this is where the real magic occurs. Excess product is wiped away with a towel and what remains are clean, defined, new and improved brows that will have you ready for your wedding photos.


You read a bit about eyelashes and how they protect your eyes from dirt and grime. At Verde Spa in Virginia Beach, we offer false eyelashes for those who’s eyelashes just don’t make the cut in length. Not everyone was born with Disney princess eyelashes that bat with the wind. Our eyelash strips can be applied with absolute comfort in seconds.

Now that you’ve gathered the wisdom on how to accentuate your best attribute, we hope you will take this information and pursue artistry. Makeup is no different than applying a fresh coat of paint to a canvas, so think of your face as a masterpiece waiting to happen. Even the ancient Egyptians regarded beauty as a sign of holiness, which is why they championed the use of cosmetics and body paint. On your prom night, wedding night or simply any special occasion where you want to highlight your attributes, treat your facial canvas to a makeover opportunity.