Aveda hair products now consist of a bigger and more extensive product range than ever before. Ranging from specialist color treatments, to soothing and smoothing creams. Founded in 1978, today the Aveda brand boasts many specialist salons and here we explain the five reasons why Aveda is simply the best.

1. Aveda products are created from pure flower and plant essences

The Aveda hair care products in our Aveda Salon Virginia Beach harness the power of nature. This means no chemicals, no artificial colors and no laboratory created fragrances, yet these hair product solutions are so powerful that Aveda calls them prescriptions.

2. Aveda products are as good for the environment as they are for your hair

Aveda believe that in our effort to look beautiful through effective products that the environment should always be considered. They believe in respect for the world, as well as in caring about current issues such as world water shortages. What’s more they never have and never will test their products upon animals, opting instead to actively work towards a beauty industry free from animal cruelty.

3. Aveda products benefit from professional input

Professional advice and styling tips straight form the experts will always make the most out of the styling and hair care products. With Aveda salons and spas that feature throughout the world coupled with the powers of Aveda products, women can expect to find the perfect solution to make their hair feel and look amazing regardless of type, thickness, or texture.

4. Complete transparency with product design and packaging

The cosmetics industry, similarly to any other beauty industry, is frequently criticised for taking advantage of workers and animals. For this reason Aveda believes in complete transparency as to how their products are created, and are proud to provide detailed information as to how the raw material farmers are treated and how their respective communities are benefitting from Aveda’s financial investment.

5. The Aveda product range caters to every hair type and offers solutions for every desired result

Suffer from flat hair and need a lift? Have super long locks, but suffer from frizz? For every hair type and for each problem there is an Aveda product to suit; specifically these products can gracefully overcome: frizz, moisture and dullness and can sculpt styles into firmly held and beautiful looking updo’s.

In Conclusion

Ready to experience Aveda created rejuvinated hair and skin? Ready to find out what Aveda products could do for your hair? Then book an appointment with Verde Salon & Spa. Our salon experts each live, breath and sleep the Aveda mission and are dedicated to creating beautiful styles through products that are as kind to the world as they are to their client’s hair. Prepare yourself for a hair style and condition transformation and contact the Verde team.

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